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'How De☠️th Inspired Me'

A 25 minutes kitchen table conversation Zarine and Regina were having in May 2021 on above topic.

Zarine (UK, India, Sweden) is enjoying a 2nd career as an intercultural leadership coach & facilitator since 2001. She is Indian by birth, moved to the UK as an adult, and has also lived in Canada. She founded Ely Death Café (part of the global Death Café movement) in 2016, and hosts regular cafes online.

Regina (Switzerland, Greece) is a senior intercultural coach, trainer & entrepreneur at Reinhardt Coaching. As an adult 'Third Culture Kid' (TCK) fluent in German, English, Swiss German & Gre consults globally to enable ‘cultural fluency’.

Together with Zarine, she founded Global Death Commons to raise awareness of the connections between death and culture.


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