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We offer Coaching on                                       

  • Global leadership

  • Starting and running a business

  • International career development

  • Market entry

  • Transition and change management

  • Mindful self-care (for TCKsHSPs)

  • Death and Culture

You Benefit from

  • An unbiased reflection partner

  • Insights into managing difficult situations

  • Guidance in transitioning into a new role

  • Alternative ways of thinking

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Challenging your patterns

  • Discovering your talents, to bring out your best and accomplish your dreams.

!t's Coaching Day for Business

Our Approach 


  • Solution Focused (no problem talk)

  • Based on the Socratic Method

  • Skill- and resource-based

  • Pragmatic and measurable

  • Goal-oriented

  • Offers fully personalized solutions

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