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'De☠️th and Culture'

SIETAR Europa Webinar with Zarine Jacob and Regina Reinhardt - a dialogue with two intercultural coaches

Death is a taboo topic in many cultures, and it’s something each of us will face. As intercultural coaches who have experienced various cultural phenomena around death, Zarine & Regina reflect on how best to prepare for life’s final task, what is a ‘good death’, and how culture impacts death. In a free flowing conversation they discuss grief, culture and what a healthy workplace attitude to death might mean. For those who work in global mobility, how prepared are your clients if death occurs within the family while on assignment? We’ll share stories & vignettes touching on cultural conditioning, grief, and ‘death preparedness’. We bring to these deep topics a lightness of touch and the fresh air of love. Do join us for a rich and interactive discussion!

Zarine Jacob (UK, India, Sweden) works as an intercultural leadership coach & facilitator. Her focus areas are diversity, belonging, decoloniality and unlearning. She founded Ely Death Café in 2016 and hosts regular gatherings.

Regina Reinhardt (Switzerland, Greece) is an intercultural coach, trainer & entrepreneur. As an adult 'Third Culture Kid' (TCK) fluent in German, English & Greek, she consults globally to enable ‘cultural fluency’. Regina is a meditation & yoga student.

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