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In Dialogue with Regina Reinhardt

Robyn Penney is a dear friend to me. We met years back attending Maria E. Hill's wonderful online #HSP program. Robyn and I then started working together. Everything you have read published on my blog, the Middle East Business الشرق الأوسط للأعمال Magazine and the Business Fit Magazine since 2018 has been mindfully edited by Robyn. She inspires and supports me during my writing process and coaches me giving my thoughts a voice in a non-native language.

“Robyn dear, without you I wouldn’t have realised my true love and passion for writing - fun and therapy at the same time. Thank you for doing your magic as well as your patience to walk this path with me ”.

On a side note: successful online working is possible! Robyn and I have never met in person. We exclusively work online across timezones and continents - yes, adult TCKs can!

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