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2020 - Remote Business Only!

Last year, with a dear colleague and friend, we conducted a series of online workshops throughout all five continents. The platform we used offered everything you could imagine: a chat, a white board, polling, recording, screen sharing and even breakout rooms for group exercises.

With this kind of technology available, why do we feel the need to meet in person? Why do we spend time and money to travel, increasing our personal ecological foot print and even risking infection?

Yes, I can hear you say: “In-person meetings are different." And I largely agree when it comes to family and friends. A friend’s hug is irreplaceable. The aroma of a home-cooked dish bonds people in a way that words can’t.

But when it comes to business, let's be honest. Is it really necessary to meet in the same geographical room? Could we possibly be even more resource-efficient when working online and remotely? Technology of the 21st century has already come so far. It must be for good reason.

I admit that 20 years back, when I started conducting my first online workshop, I was skeptical. I had to learn the grammar of working online (slow down, plan extra time for technology checks and have a plan B in case of internet glitches). Instead of traffic, today I deal with these challenges instead. Almost two years back to the day, in March 2018, I published my blog post Cameras on, on how to best work online. It’s a new culture to get accustomed to.

Today, in March 2020, I know that the time has come where we no longer have the luxury to choose, but must all join in online and remote working. A new era has started, triggered by an extreme health scare. Why now? Because humanity needs to realize how much the dear planet that hosts us is suffering, as a result of our frequent travels, extensive pollution, and careless use of plastic and other harmful substances. Our planet is sick and decaying! We, the rudest guests possible, have constantly ignored all the warning signs, to keep doing business as usual. Is this how we would treat our sick child or relative?

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