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Who are Third Culture Kids (TCKs)?

A Third Culture Kid is a person who during her/is significant formating years grew up outside her/is own or parents' passport country. — Ruth Hill Useem

INSEAD TED talk with Ruth van Reken, co-author of 'Third Culture Kids'


  • Huffington Post, 'Where aren't you from?' by Rasha Rushda

  • Psychology Today, 'Between Cultures' by Marianna Pogosyan

  • community

  • Meeting like minded TCKs, adult or young, in person or online, it makes all the difference to TCKs. You can speak your mind, don't have to be shy about having friends in 3 continents at age 16 and don't now where home is or where you should go to college. Google 'meetup TCK/Third Culture Kids' or search FB for groups. Most major cities by now offer TCK gatherings.

  • Greece/Athens, Facebook Community, 'Third Culture Kids Greece'

  • Tayo Rockson, 'UYD Management' for young professionals

  • coaching/mentoring

  • 'SeaChange Mentoring' for your young TCKs while transitioning from school to college

  • Regina Reinhardt, adult TCK selfcare coaching


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